Dr. Ramzi Alshaiba

Specialist General Surgery

Trusted Specialist General Surgeon in Abu Dhabi with 38+ years of experience.

Meet Your Doctor, Dr. Ramzi

Dr. Ramzi Alshaiba is a highly skilled and experienced Specialist general surgeon with a passion for providing the best medical care to his patients.

With his extensive knowledge and expertise in his field, he has established a reputation for providing exceptional medical care and compassion to his patients. He is dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical care and is committed to ensuring that his patients receive the best possible outcome.

About Dr. Ramzi Alshaiba

Dr. Ramzi Alshaiba, an Emirati General Surgeon, completed his MBBCh from Ain Shams University, Egypt in 1985 and received his MSc in General Surgery from The Royal Infirmary, Glasgow University, UK in 1995.  In 2005, he completed his MD in General Surgery from the same renowned institution in UK.  Then, in 2012, he became a Fellow in Minimal Access Surgery (Laparoscopy) of World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons and World Laparoscopy Hospital in India. 

Dr. Ramzi has been practicing general surgery for over 38 years and has worked in many government medical facilities and large well-known private hospitals in the UAE.

His areas of expertise include laparoscopic surgeries (gall bladder, ventral hernia and appendix), lower GIT surgeries (anal fistulas, fissures), breast and thyroid surgeries, painless surgery for hemorrhoids, and all minor surgeries such as pilonidal sinuses and ingrowing toenails.


  • Specialist in general surgery since 1995.
  • Specialist General Surgeon, Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) – United Arab Emirates.
  • Fellow in Minimal Access Surgery (Laparoscopy) of World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons and World Laparoscopy Hospital in India, 2012.


  • Arabic
  • English

General Surgery Services

Diagnosis and management of:

  • Gall bladder diseases.
  • Ventral hernias.
  • All anorectal diseases.
  • All skin growth lesions.
  • Ingrowing nails and Pilonidal sinuses.
  • Acute abdominal conditions.
  • Breast and thyroid diseases.
  • Drainage of abscesses on body.

Scope of general surgery

  • Laparoscopic surgeries (gall bladder, ventral hernias and appendix),
  • Lower GIT surgeries such as anal abscesses, Laser treatment of fistulas, and fissures),
  • Breast benign lumps excision and biopsy.
  • Thyroid nodules biopsy and surgeries,
  • Painless surgery for hemorrhoids,
  • Skin diseases: removal of all lumps and     pumbs on the body. 
  • Ingrowing toenails.
  • Minor surgeries such as Laser treatment of Pilonidal sinuses.
  • Drainage of skin abscesses.

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