Complaint Policy

We accept any remarks or complaints you might have and have set up a Complaint Management Policy to guarantee that are taken care of, in a transparent way.

With our obligation to give the best quality medical care services in a convenient way, we expect to make it simple for you to submit a complaint, suggestion, or comment.

If you have a complaint or a suggestion, please email us at or call 054 305 5055.
As a patient, you have the right to file a complaint either directly with the Centre, or alternatively with the Department of Health of Abu Dhabi contact number 800 555 or by email at

We’re focused on addressing all complaints within 3 working days, as well as recognizing all written complaints within 3 working days. On the chance that the idea of the complaint is to such an extent that we can’t settle it within the time frame, we will notify you about the delay. On your request, we will inform you about the action to be made based on your complaint.

We fully adhere to the Department of Health of Abu Dhabi’s standards for patient rights and responsibilities and aim to provide you with the reassurance that your complaint will be acted upon promptly and as per our Complaint Management Policy

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