Dr. Amaani Shalast, Consultant Pediatrician at Max Care Medical Center

Dr. Amani Shalash

Consultant Pediatrician

Trusted Consultant Pediatrician in Abu Dhabi with 20+ years of experience


Meet Your Doctor, Dr. Amani

Dr. Amani Shalash is a highly skilled and experienced Consultant Pediatrician with a passion for providing the best medical care to her patients.

She recently joined Max Care Medical Center in Rabdan, Abu Dhabi as a Consultant Pediatrician and has been serving the families of Rabdan’s local community.

With over 20 years of experience here in Abu Dhabi, she has established a reputation for providing compassionate and quality healthcare to children from birth through adolescence.

About Dr. Amani Shalash

Dr. Amani Shalash finished her Diploma of Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from the University of Aleppo, Syria in 1990. After graduating, she did her internship in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada from 1990 to 1993. 

She then went back to Jordan to do her Pediatric Residency Training at the King Hussain Medical Center (KHMC) in Amman, Jordan from 1994 to 1998.


  • Consultant Pediatrics, Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) – United Arab Emirates


  • Jordan Medical Association
  • Jordan Pediatric Society
  • International American Academy of Pediatrics


  • Arabic
  • English


After finishing her residency training in KHMC in Amman, Jordan, she worked for 3 years at Al Amal Maternity Hospital. In 2001, she opened her own private pediatric clinic where she covered risk deliveries at various local private hospitals in Amman with a full spectrum of obstetric and neonatal problems.

In 2001, she joined Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi and served as an Acting Consultant of Pediatrics until November of 2012. She has since served as Pediatric Consultant in different medical centers in Abu Dhabi and has continued to be trusted by families up to the present.

Pediatric Services

  • Baby checkups and immunization
  • Primary health care and follow-up of the development and growth of children from after birth until the age of puberty
  • Diagnosis and treatment of various childhood diseases from simple to complex, acute and chronic with a special interest in asthma and allergy diseases in children

Scope of Practice

  • Newborn check-up.
  • Growth and development assessment and follow-up.
  • Nutritional advice, use of normal and modified formulas, and breastfeeding.
  • Recognition, prevention, and treatment of common, tropical and rare infectious diseases, parasites, and insect bites transmitted diseases.
  • Recognition and treatment of behavior-related problems, sleeping patterns, difficulties, bed wetting, adjustment to a new sibling, and tantrums.
  • Diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of prolonged cough, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, and eczema.
  • Allergy screening and food intolerance testing.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of various acute and chronic pediatric conditions.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of different types of anemia.
  • Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of urinary tract infections and other kidney diseases.
  • Assessment of puberty (delay or early puberty) and adolescent health.

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